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A successful voiceover career is 90% marketing and 10% voicing



Welcome to Wonderland VO, where I believe that a voiceover artist's true potential can be fully unlocked through a healthy dose of knowledge-sharing and quite a bit of humour.


If you work as a VO with a home studio, it can get a little lonely, with no-one to bounce ideas off. Well, fear not, because our bi-monthly marketing hour on Zoom is here to connect you with fellow VO talent from the UK, US, and Canada.

We’ll be sharing tips and tricks on everything from crafting the perfect demo to wooing clients like a pro. And at almost every session, we'll have a guest coach with a different speciality, such as social media, websites, demos, and a whole lot more!

So, if you're ready to flex those voiceover marketing mussels and take your voiceover career to the next level, join us for our next session.

Gold Membership  is £10/month ($12.39aprox)

This gives you access to 2 Marketing Hours and 2 Script Workout sessions per month. That's a crazy low £2.50 session!

You will not find better value!

or you can drop in on any session for £4.99 ($6.18aprox)

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