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 Wonderland Challenge 2 

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in aid of

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As of 19/9/23

With 175 Voice Actors
performing a minute each
for Cancer Research UK 

Hello, I'm Brad Shaw, voice actor and founder of VO training community Wonderland VO.

At the beginning of the first lock down, I was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma and had to undergo a year of immunotherapy. Just as I was getting over that, I got prostate cancer and had an operation just over a year ago. Now I've heard that the stage 3 melanoma has returned and I've just had an operation at The Royal Marsden Cancer hospital to remove all the lymph nodes from under my arm. But I refuse to let the cancer finish me.

During that first lockdown I created The Wonderland Challenge, where 159 voiceovers including many famous actors and celebrities each recorded a minute  of Alice in Wonderland and donated to the NHS. You can read all about it here.

So it feels like the time is right to launch Wonderland Challenge 2: Alice Through The Looking Glass  this time in aid of Cancer Research.


Recorded on July 12th 2023 at

The Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital, London

Thank you for your application

I am thrilled to say that we have been inundated with nearly 250 applications. Because of this I have been forced to close the applications a few days early.


At the beginning of this, I made a decision not to hold 'auditions', I'm sorry, I don't have the time or energy. So mostly I will be picking randomly from all the applications. All successful applicants will receive instructions and their script piece with 10 days. All applicants will receive a message.

Please do not get upset if you are not chosen or message to say to tell me how unfair it is! That's life!


If you still want to help, you could still make a donation and ask all your friends to make a donation.


For all actor who receive a script section to read, we will notify  you by email.

Once you receive it, we ask you to record and edit it as soon as you can in your home studio. Please return it within 10 days. Once you have recorded it, please edit it but don't put any effects or compression on it as I will be trying to match them all up. Please save the file as 48 Hz 16 bit Mono File. Please name your file using the following convention: SectionNo_YourName.wav ie Section 1_BradShaw.wav

Once you have completed it, upload it to us here:



or using WeTransfer or Dropbox or similar upload service to the email address

Please then donate any amount you like (min £10) to Cancer Research. The link on this page is run directly by the Cancer Research charity. Please donate , even if you haven't been included. 

My initial aim is to raise £2000 to cancer research.

With your help, we should be able to smash that target.

Click to upload your audio file
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