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Woody Yates

5 Stars (just because there isn't 6). Everett Oliver was the guest today and he was fantastic. But then again, everyone Brad has on his roster are wonderful. Cheers! Well worth the $$$

Vocal Recording

Gregory Dwyer

Wonderland VO brought another excellent guest in to present an area of specialty  for todays Marketing session. Chris Tester provided some excellent information about processes and goals. And a great supporting community of talent.Yes 5 stars for the consistency of excellence.


Racheal Tse

Wonderland Voiceover is fabulous for Voiceover at all levels. I really like our workout, webinars especially our Monthly social. It's very informative and supportive family to me. Thank you so much Brad for your effort to creating this brilliant platform.
Highly recommended!


Margaret Ashley

Lovely to be able to log on and network with fellow voice overs across the globe thanks Brads brilliant idea to  bring us all together by setting up the Wonderland Social.


Emma Grifiths

Such an excellent resource for voice artists! Wonderland VO offers weekly Zoom calls where you're regularly joined by marketing experts and voice directors offering their expertise. Today's session was Helen Bee offering some brilliant marketing tips, last week Everett Oliver offered live direction on animation scripts. Plus there's a great sense of community, encouraged by Brad's open style.  I look forward to these sessions every week and have learned a huge amount so huge thanks to Brad Shaw and all the guest directors and experts who have offered their time and expertise! It's truly appreciated!

Microphone Sound Editing

Naomi Madelin

Wonderland VO is fab! Brad is a fantastic organiser and host. Pertinent, helpful and engaging training and webinars, fun and warm socials. A very inclusive environment with excellent attendees. Highly recommended.

Tube Microphone in Studio

Trecia Lovering - August 23

Excellent . I always enjoy the classes you have in store for us! I love that the sessions are not all just fluff but actual tools to help us grow.

Vocal Recording

Caroline Fantozzi

Love this group!  Brad is always so generous and the session feels collaborative and relaxed.  The 'expert' always feels part of the whole, it's like a group of friends getting together to trade ideas, knowledge and tips.  which, I suppose, it is!

Recording Studio

Michael Greco

Great guests and terrific content.

Recording Studio

Irada Delsink

A very inspiring and valuable workshop with Sebastien Croteau. Very energetic, with great hands on tips to start practicing. Sebastien is very skilled, and super enthusiastic. His energy translated very well, and was as entertaining as it was interesting.

Retro Microphone

Peter J Matthews

Excellent course! Dian is so good at what she does, honing in on exactly what each person needs to find connection with the text. I learnt so much just from listening to everyone else. Brad was a warm and friendly host as well as providing his own valuable insight. Good value for a 3hr course with a first class voice coach.


Emily Jardine

Brilliant Brad! Such a great session. The unusual workshops are just as valuable, sometimes more so, than the more mainstream. I loved this.


Victoria Riley

Oh my goodness, the Wonderland session with Samantha Boffin was EXCEPTIONAL!!  She's absolutely transformed my understanding of voiceover.  It was a revelation.  I came away eager to get working on some scripts to try out my new knowledge. I've been to a lot of workshops and classes on VO, but this one was hands down the best and most useful. THANKYOU!!

Tube Microphone in Studio

Sarah Woodward

Brilliant! Brad you really have made the new kid feel welcome. I’ve been on the periphery for a while but each time I’m always welcomed warmly and I leave with a head buzzing with insight and knowledge. Thank you x


Stefania Lintonbon

The workout was very helpful. It's good to get feedback, especially since we're usually self-directed

Sound Waves

Andy Chadwick

I have enjoyed every workshop/webinar that I have been able to attend. Always great information.

Professional Microphone with Pop Filter

Carla de Wansey

As usual Brad ran a joyful webinar. Jonathan Tilley was very knowledgeable , and fun, and gave us all sorts of useful info re marketing and websites. Brad has some excellent guests lined up for future workshops and webinars...well worth attending in my book.


Emma Wheeler

Really enjoyed this week’s Wonderland Marketing Hour with Jonathan Tilley. These sessions are always friendly and informative where we bounce ideas off each other too. Thanks Brad.


Chris Woodward

Such a delightful session. A lot was learned and people had their questions answered. You could really feel the inspiration and excitement throughout all of the attendees.


Oonah O'Flaherty

I really enjoyed the session with Fannie Brett-Rabault on Live action dubbing. I learnt a lot and I'm looking forward to learning more!

Recording Studio

Leonor Lemée

The marketing hour was super informative,  friendly and informal. Thanks to Jonathan Tilly for sharing your invaluable expertise. And thank you Brad for giving us the opportunity to get together and learn from the best!

Recording Studio

Gary MacFadden

Tanya was great...very straightforward with her comments on the script reads in our group. I continue to be amazed by how these coaches can listen to a read and pick up on all of the little tweaks. Very helpful.

Vocal Recording

D Merlin

Great session with Samantha Boffin this week! She always has great actionable advice.


Kelly Hicks

The marketing hour has proven to be one of the most valuable resources in my voiceover toolkit.  There has been a specialist in everything from direct marketing, website design, to nailing auditions, just in the last month! Can't wait for the next one!

Recording Studio

Guy Brennan

The social was a very enjoyable affair.

Tube Microphone in Studio

Rachel Caulton

Great session with Emily Jardine directing, also great to get the opinions of different people in the zoom room to improve your performance. Highly recommend

Recording Studio

JD Gibson

The Wonderland Socials are a regular dose of hilarity, friendships, catching up, and a sprinkling of chaos. Never a dull moment and always a joy to start or build relationships with fellow voice actors from around the world, while still sitting in sweat pants and slippers. Get ready to spend some quality hours with your VO family - sometimes a little dysfunctional, but always rooted in love. Bringing along an adult beverage, or four, is optional.

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