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What is vocal mastery?


It’s a mix of art, science and practice…with a little sprinkle of magic!

The vocal tract is a wonderful piece of machinery- originally designed to protect our lungs and keep us alive but evolved over millennia to become a complex and beautiful instrument. 


As a voice artist, your instrument is your most valuable resource. It’s a great feeling when it’s playing well but we are all human and human beings have wobbly bits and wobbly moments! 

Each voice is unique but all voices have a treasure chest of potential to discover and explore.

Are you starting out in your VO career and just finding your voice? Are you experienced in VO and want to explore what your voice is capable of? Have you had problems with your voice or are you having difficulty with vocal fatigue, discomfort or getting your tone just right? 


You are in the right place! 

Wednesday 20th September 2023

6pm - 9pm (UK) on Zoom

Max 12 Participants

ONLY £80

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Karen Esposito is a qualified and experienced speech and language therapist, vocal coach and fellow voice artist. Karen is a medical practitioner who is still working in healthcare and knows everything about the voice.  She will guide you through the TREASURE method-each workshop packed with priceless gems.


  • How your voice works

  • How to take care of your instrument

  • How to deal with any vocal problems and future proof your voice 

  • How to safely explore your true potential and range

  • How the secret is to NEVER stop exploring and learning about your voice

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Here's what students said about the previous 3 session course

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