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Your Guide To Nailing VO

What we do as voice artists is nothing short of art. And with over 100,000 voice artists looking for work at any one time, you’ve got to be the loudest voice in the crowd. But voiceovers can be a minefield. So many different scripts, so many words! How do you start to break it all down and make sense of it? What if you had one resource that showed you every major voiceover technique out there, as well as some that are closely-guarded casting director secrets? A toolbox that you can use to cherry-pick techniques for every script you get? To give you that edge that will keep clients coming back? 

Ever wondered why some IVRs sound SO dull and make you want to hang up? The voice artist probably wasn’t using their Listing technique very well.

Curious about why a Commercial actually PUT YOU OFF the brand? The voice artist likely wasn’t using their Commercial Breaks technique.

Remember that dreadful droning documentary voice that made you want to throw your TV out the nearest window? They weren’t Visualising.

Or maybe you’ve seen a script and it’s left you completely baffled. What on earth is the client trying to say? Am I even getting it right? CAKE can help. 

Welcome to Emily Jardine’s Technique Toolbox. With tips and tricks straight from the top – you’ll be able to break down your scripts, give yourself a direction, and wow agents, clients & casting directors.

Delivered as a three hour webinar, there will be a max of 12 participation tickets per webinar. So book now to avoid disappointment.

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Emily Jardine is a full time Voice Artist, classically trained actor and singer based in the UK.

She trained at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and has been working in the industry for over 25 years. She first appeared in the West End when she was 9, and since then I have worked across film, television, theatre and voiceovers. 

Now specialising in voiceovers, she has been the voice on many hundreds of ADR, dubbing, gaming, commercial, corporate, eLearning and animation projects across the world. 

When Emily is not a voicing, she is an award-winning voiceover coach and Audio Producer. In 2022, she won the Inspiration Award at the One Voice Awards, having broken the world record for number of nominations received. 

Some of Emily’s recent voiceover clients include: Molinare, Netflix, Royal Opera House, Coca Cola, John Lewis, Mercedes, HSBC, Barbie, Google, Pokemon, NHS, Facebook, Red Bull, Cambridge University and Neutrogena.

Emily is proud to present her unique course exclusively to the members of Wonderland VO.

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the longer 3 - week course

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Course Date: August 30th at 6pm (UK)

Maximum of 12 participants​

Price Only £80

So book now to avoid disappointment.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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