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Chris Tester, voice actor and VO Influencer has become a regular fixture on the Wonderland Thursday sessions. We're delighted to launch Chris's brand new course 'Social Media Mastery for Voice Actors'. For voice actors social media marketing can develop relationships with potential clients and help build your brand

During the course, Chris will guide you through social media marketing. He will take several participants through the process of creating a piece of content, from idea to execution and multi-purposing. There will be enough time for an in depth Q&A at the End. By the end of this course you will have an in depth understanding of how social media marketing can help your voiceover business.

Chris Tester Profile Headshot - Audition

Chris is a multi award-nominated voice actor with experience in commercials, corporate projects, documentaries, audio drama, e-learning, telephony and video games. He has featured in major campaigns for BMW, Google, Creative Assembly, Microsoft and Warner Bros Interactive. Chris has built up a following on several social media channels and gets a lot of his work through his social media marketing   

19th March 2024 6-9pm (UK)

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