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Course is now SOLD OUT

Improv for Voice Actors

If you missed out this time, please email me here to be put on a reserve list.

A 6 week course with master improv teacher, Chris Mead

Wednesdays Feb 28th - April 3rd 2024 6pm -9pm (UK)

Improv is the art of making things up in the moment. Great for performers but also useful for anyone who wants to improve their confidence and adaptability. For voice actors, we'll focus on boundless adaptability, character creation and keeping in flow. With a different topic each week this will, above all, be a chance to laugh and have fun.

Why Improv?

Unlocking Creativity


Enhanced Characterization

Versatility Matters

Voice acting isn't just about reading lines; it's about bringing characters to life. Improv sharpens your creative instincts, enabling you to think on your feet and adapt seamlessly to any script.

In the world of voice acting, versatile character portrayal is key. Improv empowers you to dive deeper into character development, making your performances more authentic and engaging.

The voice acting industry demands versatility. With improv, you'll gain the confidence to tackle various genres and characters, expanding your career opportunities.


Chris Mead Chris Mead is an improviser, writer and creator who lives in the beautiful Surrey Hills with his wife, Laura & Cavapoo dog-pal, Radio. His focus is on emotionally-connected, relationship-driven improv. He is lucky enough to teach and perform all over the world. Chris studied theatre at the prestigious Royal Holloway college and continues to explore improv with every school, theatre and practitioner he can find.
❤: improv, Doctor Who, tea  😠: injustice, tyranny, coffee

Ready to embark on this exciting journey?
Wednesdays from 28th February 2024 - April 3rd 2024
6 x 2 hour session from 6pm - 8pm (UK) on Zoom
Max 14 participants ONLY £135
Book now as spaces will sell out fast
Sessions cannot be booked individually


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